You still have time to sign up for this years CrossFit Open either online or for our in house open option.

What is the difference?

Online Open $20: This is a global online competition that allows competitors to compete and qualify for the CrossFit Games. Along with the competition, you can create your own custom leaderboard and compete with other friends that belong to other CrossFit gyms nearby, out of town, compare certain male/female athletes based on age, career, state, or country.

In House Open $25: This is a community building 5 week competition where we will compete against other members at the gym based on male/female and Rx/scaled divisions. You will also be eligible to win 5 prizes (one including a pair of shoes) and a t-shirt/tank. In order to be eligible you have to complete all 5 workouts.

Each Friday for all classes the next 5 weeks we will perform the CrossFit Open workouts. Below will be the format for each class on Friday’s.

First 10mins: Go over WOD movement standards
10-25mins: Perform suggested warm up on your own
25-60mins: Perform WOD in two heats, (judging required)

The Open brings a lot of fun challenges for the athletes and coaches. Be prepared for the uncontrollables such as required movements, number of heats, or length of the workout.

Every Thursday evening at 7 PM the WOD will be announced live on the CrossFit Games website. Once we know what the WOD is, we will post it on the zen planner and will have everything organized and ready to go for the classes on Friday.

I know you already do this, but as a reminder come to class with a positive attitude, work hard, encourage others, and view that workouts as an opportunity to get better.

Keep up the great training.


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