Our Story

In The Beginning

Justin and Trevor met at a large global gym in 2012. Justin was on his journey to improve his health and fitness while Trevor was a personal trainer. Along the way, Trevor and Justin became friends and decided to go into business and start a CrossFit gym in the Elkhorn/Omaha area in 2014. Starting CrossFit Elkhorn took a lot of time and effort and it is a decision that we will never regret.

Our Purpose

At CrossFit Elkhorn it is our mission to help all members achieve their goals by discovering their inner athlete and having a ton of fun along the way! We believe that everyone is an athlete, whether your goals are to become a better parent, improve your specific sport, become a CrossFit competitor, or lose a couple pounds and look better naked. We have a staff and community that is committed in helping you with your goals.

Thank you for checking out our website. Signing up for a free class is the best way to decide if CrossFit is the program you are looking for. CrossFit is hard but this stuff will change your life!

Sign up for your first free class, the staff and community is excited to meet you soon!


20275 HONEYSUCKLE DR. #108 ELKHORN, NE 68022

Crossfit Box WINNER 2019 Best of omaha 2018Best-of-omaha-2017.