Simple Tips to Save Time and Money with Food Prep

Buy in bulk: If you do not have a membership to a Costco or Sam’s Club I strongly encourage you to check it out.  It may feel like its a larger amount of money upfront, however, over the long run you will save some serious cash!

Buy meats in bulk, to save time you can prepare them all in advance.  Separate out what you will use for one week, then freeze the rest. Eggs will be better priced as well if you go through a lot of them weekly.

Get a good mixture of veggies/fruits.  If you are worried you will not use fresh produce before it goes bad, chose some frozen options.  Either way you can get more for less.

Rice and Oatmeal are great to buy in bulk.  They will stay good for months. I can get a bag of Jasmine Rice and it will last me a couple months!

Keep your meals simple:  If you can be ok with eating the same types of meals throughout the week, it will help cut down on costs.  You will be able to utilize the items you have bought in bulk for a couple weeks. This will also cut back on how much time you spend preparing foods.

Then once you run through those items you can switch things up.   To change up flavors you can experiment with different seasonings and condiments.  Just be mindful of what condiments you choose, as some can be higher in macros.

Stick to the perimeter of the grocery stores: By shopping the perimeter of most grocery stores you will load up on whole/real foods.  Lean meats, fish, eggs, fresh fruits/veggies, unprocessed foods will be more reasonably priced.

When you choose foods throughout the isle you end up paying more.  These foods have been made in a factory and are highly advertised you are paying for more than just “food”.  You end up paying for the packaging, the marketing, and the people making these foods.

Your body will thank you for filling it with more volume/nutrient dense foods and so will your waistline.

Watch the Weekly Ads:  This money saving tip can end up costing you more time than anything.  However, if you choose to shop at multiple stores to get the best deal you can see weekly grocery costs go down.  Only set back is you may spend more gas money driving to multiple stores.

Check out a local farmers market: When farmers markets are open this is a great opportunity to save money on locally grown foods.  You can buy items directly from the growers, removing the middleman and cutting back on costs!

Plan your meals around seasonal items:  You can usually find “in season” fruits and vegetables at a lower cost.  When items are in season, you will save on price increases from having to have items imported in.  

Choose frozen food options: When certain fruits and vegetables are not “in season” buying them in the frozen foods section verses the fresh section will actually save you some $$!

Make a list: Prepare a detailed list of all items you need for the meals you have decided to prep for the week.  Stick to the list 100%, try not to find yourself buying items you really do not need. I definitely should have taken my own advice on this one yesterday!

Pay with cash: Set a limit on what you will spend for the week and only take that amount of cash into the store with you.  Now you will have to make sure you are not buying more than you need and you may have to be a little more picky with the items you choose.

Let Supplements be just that, supplements: Supplements usually come with a pretty big price tag. Supplements are not meant to replace food.  If you can get the majority of your macro/micro nutrients through foods, you won’t need to add in a ton of supplements.  

Keep supplements to the basics.  A good daily multivitamin, fish oil, & anything else your doctor recommends.  Here are the basics I like to include:

  • -MCT Oil
  • -Whey Isolate Protein for post workout
  • -Karbolyn for post workout
  • -Daily Multi
  • -Fish Oil
  • -CLA
  • -Probiotic
  • -Creatine Monohydrate (for performance)

Trader Joe’s is a great place to shop for seasonal items as well as some other gluten free type foods.  I can typically save money on things like Coconut Spray Oil, Gluten Free Oatmeal, Cleaners, and certain vegetables/fruits.

Aldi’s is another good one a friend of mine reminded me of.  They seem to have reasonable prices all the time.

Hope some of these tips can help keep some $ in your pocket

Starting a New Plan Is Like Learning a New Skill

Starting a new nutrition plan can leave you with many mixed emotions. Whether you’re excited, nervous, scared, or feel lost, you probably have every intention to make it work!  Then why does it seem many people struggle with “dieting” or tend to “fall off”? It usually comes down to not having a solid plan, a good support system, or patience! Here are some strategies I have had tons of success with:

  • Preparation is key

If you want to be successful you will need a game plan. Take time to look at the week ahead to see what you have planned. Make sure you know what you are preparing for your meals, set a time to prep food & portion it out.  If it helps print out or write out your meals and put it on the fridge. Take it one step further and write down your weekly goal, this way you’re reminded!

  • “I don’t have time” Do you find yourself saying this?!

Ask yourself “what is taking up my time?” Is it work, kids, friends, cleaning, napping, or maybe not much at all?! Evaluate where you are spending your time. Is there somewhere you can make a small adjustment to free up some time? Is there anything you find yourself partaking in which is pulling you away from your goals?

If you truly want results & want change, you’ll make it a priority to find time!

  • Track your food & keep a journal!

Are you hitting your daily macros?  MyFitnessPal is a great app to help. Make notes how you’re feeling, energy levels, positive things you achieve, areas you could improve. If you are not keeping track of what you’re consuming how will you know if you are actually getting the recommended carbs, proteins and fats?  Make sure you are weighing and measuring your food, it may be daunting at first, don’t get discouraged. You will become more aware of serving sizes over time.

Not only will keeping track help you, it will help your coach as well!! How can you expect your coach to help adjust macros if you are not following their recommendations?

When you aren’t following your plan 100%, or at least 90% (we are all human ;), how will your coach really know how to help you?  You are cheating yourself out of your true potential. By following set plan your coach can make certain adjustments to keep you on track for your goals.

  • Starting a new plan is like learning a new skill.

It may be tough and frustrating at first. Stick with it, keep practicing, it will get easier!! Remember the first time learning to snatch or clean…it’s kind of like that. It’s going to be a game of trial and error in the beginning. Then you’ll have an “ah-ha” moment and it will click. You will find the right macro makeup that works for you! BE PATIENT and don’t give up! It can take 4 weeks up to even 12 weeks to find the area in which you will thrive.

  • Don’t cheat yourself
  • Stay Strong
  • Be Positive
  • Surround yourself with people who support and motivate you
  • Be honest with your coach whether you followed your plan or not, it’s hard for them to help if you aren’t being honest and giving feedback
  • Don’t be afraid to ask your coach for advice or tips if you find something you are struggling with.
  • If you fall off track, don’t dwell on why, instead take action on ways to prevent it from becoming a habit

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