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Time Flies When You Are Having Fun!

In the beginning Justin and Trevor met at a large global gym in 2012. Justin was on his journey to improve his health and fitness while Trevor was a personal trainer. Along the way, Trevor and Justin became friends and decided to go into business and start a CrossFit gym in Elkhorn/Omaha area in March …
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Find A Buddy & Save Some Money!

It is that time of the year again for our yearly Holiday Special! Our BOGO Buddy Challenge is a challenge like no other. Here at CFE we believe that you can discover your inner athlete by changing your routine and finding accountability. The best way to reach long-term health and fitness success is by committing …
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3 Tips To Crush Your Next Competition

Have you ever gotten anxious before a competition? Maybe you have trouble falling asleep the night before or feel sick to your stomach thinking about how well you’ll perform. You train day in and day out with no issues, but this is different…you’re going to have a score for this one. One that represents you …
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Simple Carbs vs. Complex Carbs

Last time we posted on why sugars is bad for you. For this blog post lets talk about the different type of carbohydrates. In my opinion, not all carbs are created equal.  Some carbs are “better” than others and there are some which add no nutritional value to your diet at all! What are Carbohydrates? …
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Sugar Is Not Your Friend!

The news on sugar has been out for quite a while and it’s not good news, especially when it comes to our health.  Now before you get too carried away, I am referring to refined table sugars, not naturally occurring sugars like those found in fruits. Believe it or not, there is a big difference …
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