What is mindset?  If you look this word up in the dictionary this is what you would find:

Mindset, noun, established set of attitudes held by someone.

  • A fixed mental attitude or disposition that predetermines a person’s responses to and interpretations of situations.
  • An inclination or a habit.

Great, so it is something we already have established and its based on our attitude.  For most of us, a negative attitude seems to trump a positive one. It is in our nature.  We are programed to always see the bad in something. Not everyone is this way, however, I am sure anyone has had negative thoughts about something at one point or another.  

Having a negative mindset can wreak havoc on so many things in life. When you are stuck in a negative mindset, you will ultimately be less precise, slow, unmotivated, seeing the pattern?  On the contrary, a positive mindset leads to precision, increased performance, motivation, optimism, hope, amazing things will start to unfold, if you decide to let them! Having a positive mindset can change something you see as impossible to possible!

Looking back over my life the past 10 years, I have been through many ups and downs, I used to always be stuck in such a negative mindset.  Nothing was ever good enough. Fortunately, I had somethings happen in my life which opened my eyes to see things in a whole new way! If you asked me 10 years ago, where I would be today, I can tell you where I am right now would have never been imaginable! Who would have ever thought, Liz, the overweight kid with not so much talent, would become a nutrition savvy, CrossFit advocate, definitely not me!!

We all have the power to unlock something hidden inside us.  We can all become the best versions of ourselves, and one step to get us in that direction is developing a positive mindset.  Here are a couple tips to help, everyone can create a positive mindset!!

  • Embrace Life– Learn to let go and live in the moment. Find out what is important to you in life and don’t waste time with things that aren’t. Don’t get hung up on things in the past, instead use them as lessons, move on and make better choices based off past mistakes. Focus on the good things, even if they are small!
  • Things Happen For A Reason- Your life has a path and things will work out how they are supposed to, if you let them! With every closed door, another one opens.  You have the choice on how to view things. Why not start “embracing” things and try to find the positive when things happen? Lose a job? Find yourself getting divorced? Still can’t get those double unders?  There is a reason for why these things happen, you may see it at the time, however if you keep a positive mindset you will be amazed at what can happen.
  • You Control Your Actions- Everyone has problems, everyone has something they want to fix or change.  We get “tested” by things which are outside of our control. Even though you cannot always control what is going on around you, you can control how you react to those things. This is something I like to focus on with nutrition, because it is something we can take complete control of!  Wanting to lose weight?! Great! No one can make you choose to eat a grilled chicken salad instead of a fried chicken sandwich except for YOU, it’s completely within your control.
  • Love Yourself Find yourself constantly having negative self talk? STOP! Replace those negative thoughts with positive thoughts.  Write down 3 positive things about yourself and put them somewhere you will see them every morning.  Start your day off with positive thinking, it can help set up your whole day in a positive way.
  • Surround Yourself With Positive People- For me personally this is my CrossFit community!  If you do not have something like this you are missing out!! When you are around people who always see the good in things, who use every opportunity as a learning experience, lift other people up, encourage and motivate, it starts to change you. It can be challenging at first to find people who truly lift you up, however, you’ll want to remove negativity from your life before it consumes you.  Try to be that positive influence to inspire others!

“A positive attitude(mindset) causes a chain reaction of positive thoughts, events and outcomes. It is a catalyst and it sparks extraordinary results.” -Wade Boggs

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