Great work with the open thus far. The staff is super proud of everyone and we are excited to see what 19.4/19.5 brings us.

On Friday March 22 starting at 4:00 PM come join us for our Friday Night Lights Event. This something we look forward to every year. The more that show up the more fun it is!

If you plan to workout earlier in the day, we would still love to see you attend or even help judge.

Once we are done with the workout, head on over to The Good Life Bar for Food/Drinks at the Elkhorn location.

Don’t want to party to end at The Good Life?

Feel free to travel to Deja Vu Bar on 178 and Pacific where a couple of our members will be working happy to serve everyone drinks.

Again, great job thus far and I hope you take part in this once a year celebration. You won’t regret doing it.

20275 HONEYSUCKLE DR. #108 ELKHORN, NE 68022

Crossfit Box WINNER 2019 Best of omaha 2018Best-of-omaha-2017.


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