Personal Training


Here at Crossfit Elkhorn we believe strongly in both the benefits of Group training and Personal Training.

With group classes you have the benefits of community and competition. However, with Personal Training the advantage comes with one on one coaching and programming structured to your needs.

Personal Training Options:

One on One Personal Training:

With One on One sessions we have several options – 4 days a month, 8 days, and 12 days. These options also come with programming for the rest of the week. You get either 1 day a week, 2 days or 3 days with your coach, while the rest of the week is filled with programming you perform on your own, whether this is done at Crossfit Elkhorn or another facility.

Acceleration Program:

This program can be utilized in many ways. First we use it as an introduction to our Crossfit Classes at a discounted price in the first 4 weeks of your membership. This is where we guide you through the movements that we use most in class and show you how to use Wodify, buy retail, and answer any questions you might have. This is for those who have no or little experience in Crossfit.

After those first 4 sessions, the program takes a different form and becomes a hybrid style of personal training. With our one on one sessions, normally the goal isn’t to attend Crossfit classes, but with Acceleration you’re still included with our classes and you have one 45 minute session per week with a coach.


MyCoach is an option for those who are experienced in their movements and are comfortable with carrying out a workout on their own. This program gives you 3 additional workouts a week that work a long side our Crossfit classes to help strengthen areas that may not get the attention it needs from Crossfit classes only.

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