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Here are the full details that you will want to know about the challenge.

  • Every week there will be a new body weight challenge WOD that you will have to complete.

o   Don’t worry, these workouts will be simple.

  • You will have from Wednesday – Tuesday to complete the body weight WOD and you can perform the WOD as many times as you want.

o   Only your best score will count.

  • There will be a leaderboard to keep everyone up to speed with the top 23 participants.

o   Oh ya, don’t forget that we are limiting this to only 23 students.

  • The one who gets the best performance will win a prize at the end of each week.

Now, you maybe thinking to yourself… I’m not the greatest CrossFitter. I won’t win!

Well to make this more interesting we are adding bonus points to help even out the playing field.

  • 50pts = Handing in a nutrition log
  • 50pts = Meeting your weekly class attendance
  • 5pts for all reps completed for each movement

o   25 Box Jumps

o   3 Ring Muscle Ups

o   10 Pull Ups

o   100 Double Unders

o   3 HSPU’s

o   1000m Row

o   1 Rope Climb

o   25 Burpees

o   40 Air Squats

o   25 Bar Thrusters

      • Each movement can be performed once per day
  • 15pts = Donation to our charity of choice (more to come)
  • 50pts = Bringing a guest to class
  • 10pts = Personal Records
  • 10pts  = Personal Shout Outs

o   Points will only be given to the person that receives the shout out, not the giver.

      • Example: Student A gives shout out about XYZ to Student B, then Student B will receive 10 pts for their efforts.

Make sense?

In short…..

  1. 6 Week Challenge (starts Nov. 19th)
  2. 6 Weeks of Prizes (only to the PROVEN)
  3. 1 body weight WOD per week
  4. Cost $40 per person.

To sign up for the challenge, click here. I say again, click here.   Don’t let the Holiday blues slow you down. Put some money on the table and lets get results!



PS: You must be prepared for anything throughout the 6 weeks. We may throw different tricks at you. This may either provide an advantage or a disadvantage for you.


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