Success Stories

Ron Jones

I have been at this for a year now and it is really addicting! HA! I currently workout consistently 5 to 6 days per week with a great group of people, we all push and support each other as we get through these challenging workouts! Besides, I can’t complain because I have had great results!  My current weight is 170 pounds, blood pressure is normal, my waist is 34”, hips are 40”, and my body fat is now 12 percent!  All because I made a commitment to myself and I wanted to change my life.

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Brad Burgess

The CrossFit experience and solid coaching has helped me dramatically improve my quality of life and quality of well-being. I take credit for a lot of it, because of course I was the one who had to make the changes and do the work. But I also give Trevor and CrossFit a lot of the credit as well. By learning to train better and smarter, in more useful ways, I have made some permanent changes to my life that will benefit me forever.

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Danny Monaghan

From the time I started 9 months ago there have been so many benefits. I weighed a lazy 240/245# in February of 2014, I knew that CrossFit was going to be a challenge for sure. As the months have gone by I cared less and less about the body weight but am proud to have dipped below the 210# mark. My strength and endurance have definitely increased in a big way. The harder I work and focus the better I get. Weird CrossFit works hahaha!

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Kandi Baxter

I love CrossFit! I haven’t always been a big lifter so it has been a change for me. I feel stronger and definitely love the way some of my clothes fit. My only downer of it is I wish I could of been introduced to it earlier in my life.

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Pete Coen

I have always liked challenges, but I have never found something so challenging as CrossFit. The community and coaches at CrossFit Elkhorn make taking on those challenges fun and I love the fact that every movement and exercise can be scaled down to people’s abilities.

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Dave Everson

I started working out at CrossFit Elkhorn in the Spring of 2014. I joined initially just to so spend time with my wife; more of a whim than anything. I had serious doubts about it and figured it would just intensify my permanent nerve issues–I was wrong. Not only did I start to enjoy the workouts and the sense of community that CrossFit Elkhorn facilitated. I also noticed the pains associated with my nerve condition started to dissipate.

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Sara Rose Ahonen

CrossFit helped me lose 40 pounds and 8 pant sizes. (I went from a 16 to a 6/8). My favorite day was when I could wear my wedding ring again.