Carl’s Preconceived thoughts on CrossFit.

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Before I started at CFE I thought that CrossFit was a wrong way to exercise. I thought that everything they did was incorrect and they had no idea what the word “form” meant. I also thought it was dangerous to have people lifting at such a high intensity. People look silly doing pull-ups and box jump burpies. The Internet is full of CrossFit fails, and so naturally I thought this is what everybody did. All I knew about CrossFit was functional movements and External Rotation. I thought every movement was functional and who cares about external rotation. It sounds painful. It is talked about so much that CrossFit comes off as a cult. One day your friend goes and tries a CrossFit gym, the next day he talks about it nonstop and is on his way to get new shoes. I had no idea what a box was, it’s just another weird CrossFit thing. CrossFitters always act like they work so hard, and have big egos. I felt like I couldn’t talk to people who did CrossFit. I had no idea what CrossFit was about. I soon learned that most of these thoughts came from me and not because of what they were doing.

After a couple of months at CFE I have changed my thinking. They don’t do things wrong, it’s just different. It’s not any more dangerous than anything else. If you’re careful about what you are doing you will be fine. They don’t care if they look silly. They’re working really hard and not worried about what others think. There is a difference in functional movements and moving just for fun. Bicep curls are not functional, which was a surprise to me considering people do them for hours in a normal gym. These people are not in a cult, they are a family and they want everyone to experience the level of success they have had. Yes they all wear the same shoes. You try doing rope climbs with Nike Frees, they will rip in half the first time. I need to get new shoes. Most CrossFit gyms are owned by one or two people and getting the word out is vital to their success. They call their gym a box because it’s a square room with bare minimum equipment, but it gets the job done. You don’t need a lot of stuff to do CrossFit, you just have to do it. CrossFit is one of the hardest things I have done, and I’m really glad I’m getting all this new experience at CFE!

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