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I was always a pretty fit guy.  My typical routine consisted of alternating between weight lifting and running.  I rarely combined the two activities because it always seemed like one screwed up the other.  When I was close to 45 years old, my fitness started to become worse after I seriously injured my back.  It got to the point where I was unable to move, train, or even sit at my work desk for a long period of time.

After I could manage my back pain, I was ready to get back into shape, so I joined a gym to get back into weight lifting again.  I met Trevor about a month into my membership.  Trevor took me through a couple of free sessions not realizing what I was about ready to get myself into!  I quickly realized the benefit for having a great coach.  Not only to push me but to make sure I was being taught how to lift properly.  This was very important to me considering I injured myself because of poor lifting habits.

Trevor progressed our program slowly working on mobility, core stability, and some strength building.  As we continued, without even knowing, Trevor started to proscribe multiple strength movements in a single workout.  These workouts were all in a timed setting (AKA Go Fast!).  The time factor forced me to work at a much faster pace achieving an overall cardiovascular workout.  Even though these workouts were short, it took my body to a place that I haven’t been in a long time.  It felt great and I wanted to do more of them!

We progressed this way for a while. After I was able to master a few skills and improve my cardiovascular strength and endurance, we moved on. Every workout had some sort of odd name, or acronym to it (Met-Con, chipper, Grace, etc).  In the beginning things like the squat, cleans, and snatches were a disaster! Trevor worked me through the moves step by step, and forced me to make sure I understood the moves when I was doing them.

Once I started to eat cleaner, I noticed even greater improvements with my mood and body structure. With all the changes made in my life, I was able to lose a total of 30 pounds.  At this point, my bad back pain was still there, but I had learned how to work within myself to allow my back to stop interfering with the rest of my life. The workouts and training that Trevor took me through helped me strengthen my back (and the rest of my body) so much that a lot of my problems were disappearing.

I have been working with Trevor 2 years now.  Call me crazy but I love these workouts! Makes me laugh thinking twenty years ago you couldn’t pay me to do something like this! I’m gaining strength back with my traditional lifts.  Even though I’m not as strong as I was in my 20’s but my endurance/cardio training is better than when I was in the Military!  Since working with Trevor, I have competed in two different CrossFit competitions, and I felt great about how I did in those events.

Looking back, I think I got complacent, because my life was a bit too easy. In order to grow, I re-discovered that I needed challenges to overcome and the ability to push beyond my limits to excel.

The CrossFit experience and solid coaching has helped me dramatically improve my quality of life and quality of well-being. I take credit for a lot of it, because of course I was the one who had to make the changes and do the work. But I also give Trevor and CrossFit a lot of the credit as well. By learning to train better and smarter, in more useful ways, I have made some permanent changes to my life that will benefit me forever.

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