Justin Carraher- Coach/Co-Owner

I grew up in West Omaha/Millard and went to Millard South High School where I played football and ran track.

JustinBioI love sports and they have always played a huge role in every stage of my life! I’ve had a passion for football for as long as I can remember.

In high school I pushed myself as an athlete, but I always found myself doing well in sports without getting too crazy in the weight room or spending too much time training. When I went to Hastings College on a football scholarship all of that changed!  I needed to be pushing myself harder than ever before but…I found beer and the freedom to do whatever I wanted. Needless to say it was short lived and at the end of my first season I injured my shoulder. The first time adversity stared me in the face I quit the team and left back to Omaha to finish school and my career in cocktail hour. When I got back to Omaha I spent the remaining years of college out with my friends and spending ZERO time in the gym. Terrible right?…bare with me.

I graduated from college with a degree in Business Administration and started at Werner the next week. I also found a way to keep football in my life by coaching with a number of youth organizations over the last 12 years. I currently coach the Elkhorn Jr. Storm with Elkhorn Athletic Association.

I met my best friend Lindsey, married her and even got to the gym for a couple months before our wedding (didn’t want to be chubby in my wedding pics). We had two amazing little boys and we rode off into the sunset!

Happy ending right? Sort of. During all of these life changes the cubicle hit me like a ton of bricks!! I had “tried” to lose weight and spent some “free” time on my health and fitness. 3 months here…3 months there….10 lbs lost…11 lbs gained. Nothing worked. I dined like a king, drank like a fish and 10 years went by. So there I was: not strong, always tired, 267 lbs. and missing something. I wanted to grow old with my wife, have fun with my kids and be a role model for the athletes that I had been coaching for almost 10 years, but I forgot how to do it.

Chapter 3….

My best friend Kyle is a CrossFitter. What the hell is this guy doing? Cleans, Kettlebells, handstand pushups, box jumps….sheesh.

I thought I would see what all of the hype was about and give it a run. I needed help and he had always been there for me when things were tough. I told him I would give it 30 days and we proceeded to go through the “baseline” test at the gym to find out where I was physically. It sounded easy enough (after all I am a former athlete) and I was ready to rock!  I was not ready to rock.

By the end of the row I was toast, I could hardly do push ups, air squats crushed me and I quit at 16 MINUTES. I went in the bathroom and my body and mind rejected itself. That was an embarrassing day and the day the changed my life for two reasons: 1) It’s cold on the bathroom floor at the gym 2) I never wanted to feel that terrible ever again!

I started to figure as I worked out more and more with Kyle that I loved to push myself, I loved to feel like an athlete, I could always get better AND I was starting to lose weight! I changed my diet to help my performance during workouts and I was hooked. I will probably never workout any other way. I fly around with my boys at home, run with the kids on our football team, and I have ENERGY.

My mission as a coach at CrossFit Elkhorn is that I help kids become better athletes, help adults find their inner athlete and give the people of Omaha/Elkhorn a new community for friends, accountability, and education on fitness and health. To be the best coach possible, I promise to always continue to learn from each athlete that I work with to make the experience in our gym something that you can’t get somewhere else!


  • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
  • USAW Sports Performance Certification