Trevor Baxter- Head Coach/Co-Owner

Trevor Baxter

2013-11-10-08.58.31Born and raised in a small town in Iowa, starting at a young age, fitness was a big part of my life. I was involved in many activities such as martial arts, basketball, and other kid sports. Since a teenager, I have been addicted to human movement, programming, hard work, strength and conditioning. In high school, it was common to find myself in the weight room working out for hours, because I didn’t know how to train any other way. Man, if I could only go back to and start all over I would have trained an entire different way.

After high school, I decided to attend Wartburg College in Waverly Iowa to study Fitness Management and play college football. It was a goal of mine to bust my butt and make the travel squad of 60 out of 170 athletes. During college I gained a lot of experience with proper human movement, posture, focus, strength and conditioning. Still, to this day, what motivates me the most is thinking that someone is working harder than me right now…. the thought of this drives me CRAZY! After two years of football, I made the hardest decision of my life and stopped playing to work more towards my career in personal training/strength and conditioning. I’m glad I did it because I gained a ton of experience towards my career.

Once football was over, I still wanted to compete so I thought…. why not compete in triathlons. I had the mindset that fitness was about being great at many things, so that’s why I went down this path. After two years of racing and losing 20 pounds of muscle, I began to miss the ability to lift heavy weights, run fast, jump high, and feel strong.

I found CrossFit through a friend. The way she was describing it to me I quickly became interested because of my fitness beliefs. So, I went and found what I thought was an easy workout. The workout was called “Fran.” Fran is one of many female benchmark workouts of CrossFit. It consists of barbell thrusters (taking a bar from the top of your shoulders into a full squat and driving the bar overhead in one motion) at 95 pounds and body weight pulls ups. The reps are 21 of each, 15 of each, and 9 of each while doing it as fast as you can. I thought to myself, man this looks easy, I’ll give it a shot before my boring one-hour bike ride. This workout took me nearly 10 minutes and I my ego was crushed because of how poorly I performed! I thought I was in great shape! Ever since then, I have been hooked!

CrossFit has changed my life in many ways. I now workout less, eat better, have met a TON of people through CrossFit gyms, competitions, seminars, events, and CrossFit vacations. Yes, there is such a thing, have you heard of the CrossFit Games?

As for my family life, I have been married to my wife, Sarah, for two plus years. I met Sarah in college and we got married soon after graduation. Sarah also has a degree in Fitness Management and she works for La Vista Chiropractic. Some of her favorite exercise habits are running and CrossFit. Gracie, our beautiful baby girl, is our most recent addition to our family and we are excited to introduce her to CrossFit at an early age. Lastly, Broguen is our family dog. His name is very unique to us because we named him after Rogue Fitness, which is CrossFit Elkhorn’s main equipment provider. Don’t be surprised if you meet Sarah, Gracie, and Broguen when visiting CrossFit Elkhorn.

I have been able to help many people go from broken midline stability, unbalanced posture, back pain, and poor nutrition habits to feeling amazing and confident about their bodies and physical abilities. Here at CrossFit Elkhorn, we can help you succeed. For more success stories, please visit our success story tab on the main page or schedule a free intro session.


  • Head Coach & Programmer
  • BA Fitness Management
  • CrossFit Level 1 Coach
  • CrossFit Mobility Certified
  • CrossFit Football Coach