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Every CrossFit box has a unique story.

The story as to how their box went from being just a small group of people that share the love of fitness to a huge community that would do anything for each other and who share that same openness to anyone wanting to join.  Well, this is CrossFit Elkhorn’s story.

Lets begin by turning back the clock about 6 years.

Since graduating high school in 2007, being a business owner in the fitness industry had always been a goal for Trevor. It was a goal he knew he wanted to reach, yet to the type of business he wanted to create was still unknown.

Shortly after discovering CrossFit in 2009, Trevor became a member of CrossFit Kilo in Cedar Falls, Iowa.  While a member at Kilo he was able learn and understand both the fundamentals and the business side of CrossFit.  He would spend time with CFK’s owner learning about programming and the intricacies of the business as CrossFit Kilo has a great reputation for their consistency in going to the CrossFit Games on both an individual and team basis, so what better place to learn these important aspects?

After graduating from college, Trevor moved to Omaha, Nebraska with his wife Sarah to begin what most people would call, “The Real World.” He started working for corporate globo gyms as a way to gain experience in coaching, business and relationship building.  This was a great place to start, but by no means was this his true passion for a long-term career.

After a few months in Omaha, Trevor joined CrossFit 402 which was conveniently located across the street from his personal training job. While at CF402 he learned the importance of community, leaving the ego at the door and to never get involved with the drama that some CrossFit gyms create.  It was during this time that his hunt for his own CrossFit gym began.  Trevor would spend time looking at buildings here and there but still didn’t really grasp the idea of running a business. He was quickly finding out you have to have the $$$ first and that it was much more complicated than just posting a few workouts online and expecting people to walk through the door.  It was business 101, right?

Another gym Trevor frequented was CrossFit Omaha.  CFO exposed Trevor to “real” CrossFit competition.  It was at CFO that he was coached by a CrossFit HQ Level 1 Seminar Instructor and trained side by side with world-class competitors that have gone to the CrossFit Games consistently year after year.  It was the atmosphere at CFO that really motivated Trevor to finally do whatever it took to start his own CrossFit box.

But, even with all the experience and lessons he was learning in fundamentals, business, community, ego, and “real” competition it was through his wife, Sarah, and the realization of bringing a new life into this world that really set the tone to get in gear.

In fact, it was her words, “if you are going to start a gym… you have 9 months to do it!” that was the match that lit the fire into action as he now had a NEW goal in the form of a timeframe to reach!

So, for the next 9 months, Trevor continued to increase his CrossFit education, social networking in the West Omaha area and the amount of books he was reading.  He also joined a mentoring program called; ‘The Biz: Raise Your Game‘, which was a major financial commitment for Trevor’s family, but he knew it would be worth it in the long run.

The creation of CrossFit Elkhorn was finally on its way in July 2013.

John Burch, one of many of Trevor’s mentors, said to him during a phone conversation,

John: “Your gym will never get here until you start getting people to follow you!”

Trevor: “So what do I do?”

John: “Start doing park workouts in Elkhorn and create the buzz!”

…and BOOM! Just like that, he started WODing it up every Sunday at a park in Elkhorn. Friends would invite friends, who invited more friends and so on…

Meanwhile, 4 to 6 months into the process of building the foundation for CrossFit Elkhorn, Trevor was still working full time as a personal trainer.  It was during this time that he started to create a relationship with Justin who was a member at the gym Trevor worked at.  At the time Justin was just learning the fundamentals of CrossFit but both Justin and Trevor would watch each other from the distance, both acknowledging the hard work and dedication each possessed………does that sound creepy? Don’t worry, the creepiness stops here.

Trevor noticed how Justin’s hard work was starting to pay off.  He was seeing a guy go from not being able to do a single pull up to now being able to beat his friends in races and competitions.  (…another good reason to CrossFit…. beat your friends and look better naked!……. Just saying.)

Justin heard through the grape vine that Trevor was in the process of opening a CrossFit gym in Elkhorn and was going to do whatever it took to become a part of it.  It was also a dream for Justin to become a head coach for a CrossFit box because 1) he loves coaching and 2) he loves CrossFit and with Justin’s coaching background, work ethic and love for CrossFit, it became a perfect match!

So here we are, March of 2014, with the baby being born and CrossFit Elkhorn’s opening date during the same month!  …..all while meeting that 9-month timeframe created by Sarah’s words!

Setting goals are important.

As you can see, just by setting a goal we are able to see clearly the steps we need to take to reach these goals.  It is our goal at CFE to build relationships and become as excellent as possible for our community members.

To quote CrossFit Founder Greg Glassman:

“Excellence is obvious to everyone, and free markets reward excellence.”

At CrossFit Elkhorn, we are excited to bring an amazing experience to each person that joins us.

If this story excites you, please click here to sign up for a free intro and take the time to set your goal and the effort to build your own CrossFit story.